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Botched Deliveries: Three Texas Women Sue Medical Facility

According to the Houston Press, three women are suing the East Houston Regional Medical Center alleging that their children suffered devastating injuries following botched deliveries. The women are also suing the doctor involved in the deliveries, Dr. June Williams Colman. Each case alleges that Colman and the staff at the hospital did not pay attention to signs that their babies were in distress, and let the women push and attempt natural deliveries far longer than what is acceptable and medically safe. Additionally, they accuse the center and doctor of not offering the option of a cesarean section. All three women allege that their pregnancies were healthy prior to the delivery process. One of the children suffered a brain injury in 2012, and another suffered an undisclosed catastrophic injury in 2014. The other reportedly died. “It’s a very indescribable feeling. One minute you’re getting to meet your firstborn child and the…
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