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Doctors Leave Forceps Inside California Woman During Surgery

A California woman is suing a hospital alleging that an 8-inch long forceps device was left inside her following a surgical procedure. According to, a Seattle television station, the lawsuit claims the woman had to have 18-inches of her small intestine removed following the alleged medical malpractice. The woman allegedly went in to have a tumor removed from her abdomen and after the procedure she began to experience severe pain. It was later discovered during an ER visit that forceps were left inside of her. The network reported that out of about 28.4 million inpatient surgeries performed annually in the United States, there were 1,500 cases where foreign objects are left after surgery. This stat comes from a study done in the New England Journal of Medicine. Often these situations are described as “never events” in the medical community, as they are entirely preventable and there are often measures…
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