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Cerebral Palsy: Family Awarded $14.5 Million Following Botched Delivery

A Pennsylvania jury recently awarded a family $14.5 million following a botched delivery that allegedly resulted in a cerebral palsy diagnosis for a child. According to the Legal Intelligencer, a federal jury awarded a couple the damages in January. The medical malpractice lawsuit claimed that the mother of the child was admitted to Clearfield Hospital in 2012, and that doctors failed to notice that her dilation and contractions had been progressing. The lawsuit claimed that the mother was administered Pitocin to accelerate the birthing process, but was given an inappropriate dose of the medication. It claimed that after it was administered, the child’s heart rate slowed down to about 60 beats per minute. The mother was allegedly given the drug for the rest of the delivery. Eventually, the baby’s head began to crown, which the lawsuit claims should have led to a delivery. However, the doctor involved allegedly failed to…
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Botched Water Birth Lawsuit Settled for $13 Million

According to the Oregonian, the parents of a child who was deprived of oxygen for 15 minutes after his botched water birth have settled a lawsuit against their medical provider for $13 million. The news outlet reported the parents settled their birth injury lawsuit with Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, resulting in the largest payout in at least a decade for a birth malpractice case in the state. The child, now 4, is nonverbal and cannot walk. He uses a cart to get around. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which severely limits his motor skills.  The parents involved in the lawsuit could not comment on the case with the media, citing a confidentiality agreement, but the Oregonian reported that the case was dismissed in March following the settlement. Court documents indicate that the parents went to the medical center, planning to give birth to the child underwater, with representatives saying…
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Does Maryland Have a Birth Injury Fund?

Updating a blog post we brought you earlier this year, a panel in Maryland has recommended that the state create a fund to help care for babies with suffering neurological injuries during birth. According to the Baltimore Sun, the no-fault fund would be similar to funds setup in Virginia and Florida. It is controversial among patient advocates and malpractice attorneys. The panel was made up of members of the health care industry, according to the newspaper. The General Assembly reported that the fund would help control medical malpractice-related costs for doctors and hospitals. The legislation would let hospitals, doctors with obstetrics and gynecological practices, as well as malpractice insurers, pay annual fees to the birth injury fund, which families could used to pay medical bills, according to the Sun. Many people are worried that the fund would allow healthcare providers to escape blame for negligence. “As I see it, any…
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