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Grieving Family Awarded $20 Million in Child Birth-Malpractice Lawsuit

According to KSTP-TV, the family of a Minnesota woman who died during child birth has been awarded $20 million following a successful medical malpractice lawsuit. The television station reports that the woman’s husband was awarded $20.6 million in the case against a nurse practitioner (NP) and the company she worked for, which was hired by a hospital in Hennepin County. The verdict is allegedly the largest medical malpractice award in state history. The woman died in 2013, six days after giving birth to her first child following a 20-hour labor period. The lawsuit alleged that she experienced symptoms like chills, nausea,  pain and fever in the days following the delivery and she went to the emergency room, where she was observed by the NP. The NP reportedly ordered lab work, which showed signs of sepsis, according to the lawsuit. However, she was allegedly sent home after being told she had…
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Actor’s Son Dies Following Delayed C-Section

Tragically, according to the British media, the son of actor Jamie King, who has appeared on The Tudors, died recently from severe brain damage following his birth.  According to the Telegraph, the mother involved in the birth had her C-Section delayed for 12 hours and the actor apparently believes it lead to his son’s fatal injuries. According the news source, the boy lived just five days earlier this month following his birth. A coroner ruled that the boy was “born in poor condition and died due to a delay in his delivery,” the news outlet reported. The child was allegedly deprived of oxygen during the birthing process, leading to severe brain injuries. King is now urging couples to take notes during deliveries to avoid conflicts with healthcare providers. England has NHS, which provides services for citizens, and the actor has told reporters that parents should be cautious so “no one…
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In Which Situations Would a Doctor Order a Cesarean Section?

The loss of a child is not something any amount of money can help a family recover from. Unfortunately, the death of a child during a delivery can be devastating emotionally for all parties involved. A family preparing itself mentally to have a child, and then having that life taken away, is unfathomable. This is why healthcare providers must be held liable whenever negligence contributes to the death of a baby. Recently, a woman in New Jersey filed a lawsuit against a hospital and its attending staff after her son was pronounced dead after its birth. The woman claimed in her filing that she should have been offered a cesarean birth following labor difficulties. The child, which was delivered in 2010, reportedly weighed 10 pounds, making him too large to be delivered via vaginal delivery. The baby reportedly suffered bradycardia and was pronounced dead 25 minutes after the delivery. How…
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