Doctor Answers Phone During Delivery, Child Suffers Brain Damage

Posted on May 29, 2017 at 9:53am by

A Miami doctor was recently sued for $33.8 million following a botched delivery in which the parents of a child say it suffered from brain damage while the physician took a call from his stockbroker. Birth Trauma

The Miami Herald reported earlier this year that an obstetrician failed to adequately care for his patients during a 90 minute delivery in 2013, making a series of missteps. The doctor allegedly spoke on the phone with his stockbroker for eight minutes and walked away from the delivery room several times.

After the child was delivered, he reportedly had a blue complexion and his limbs were limp. He reportedly suffered from a lack of oxygen and brain damage during the delivery process. The doctor alleged that the mother was not pushing hard enough during the child’s birth and that she refused a C-section, leading to the complications. However, it was later reported that a nurse gave testimony during the trial that the doctor falsified notes in medical records about the delivery.

The child will now need around the clock medical care. “Not one time did he apologize,” the child’s mother said, about the doctor. “He didn’t care. He kept going on with his lies. He blamed me.”

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Delivery Complications Can Have Long-Term Consequences

As noted in this story, brain injuries brought on by malpractice present significant obstacles to both the individual living with the disability and his or her loved ones later in life. Parents are often presented with substantial financial obstacles, as they are forced to pay for therapy, as well as other forms of medical treatment throughout a victim’s lifetime.

This is why the damages awarded in medical malpractice lawsuits are vital. Caring for someone with a brain injury can be extremely hard and financial assistance can help improve the life of a person suffering greatly. Additionally, lawsuits can hold providers liable for egregious mistakes or a lack of care.

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