Grieving Family Awarded $20 Million in Child Birth-Malpractice Lawsuit

Posted on September 28, 2017 at 2:34pm by

According to KSTP-TV, the family of a Minnesota woman who died during child birth has been awarded $20 million following a successful medical malpractice lawsuit. Photo of baby

The television station reports that the woman’s husband was awarded $20.6 million in the case against a nurse practitioner (NP) and the company she worked for, which was hired by a hospital in Hennepin County.

The verdict is allegedly the largest medical malpractice award in state history. The woman died in 2013, six days after giving birth to her first child following a 20-hour labor period. The lawsuit alleged that she experienced symptoms like chills, nausea,  pain and fever in the days following the delivery and she went to the emergency room, where she was observed by the NP.

The NP reportedly ordered lab work, which showed signs of sepsis, according to the lawsuit. However, she was allegedly sent home after being told she had a urinary tract infection, despite the fact that her urinalysis results that showed no bacteria. She later lost consciousness that day and was treated for sepsis after coming back to the hospital.

The woman’s husband was awarded $1.75 million for damages from the time of his wife’s death until the verdict and more than $18.8 million in damages for future losses. The article did not report on the condition of the child.

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