Mother Loses Limbs after Giving Birth

Posted on October 27, 2017 at 2:54pm by

According to, a Canadian woman developed an infection after giving birth that resulted in the amputation of her limbs. Image of baby hand

The website reported that the woman, age 33, was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis days after she gave birth to a child in Nova Scotia. The woman ended up spending seven months at the hospital after developing the infection and required multiple surgeries including the removal of her arms, legs, and a hysterectomy.

The flesh-eating bacteria reportedly developed after the woman suffered a tear during childbirth that required sutures. Her family has allegedly filed a lawsuit claiming that she went to the hospital after experiencing pain in her stomach, but was sent home when doctors thought she was constipated.

Her attorneys allege that this delay in care was negligent and led to further damages to the woman’s body. The bacteria allegedly took over and spread throughout her body after the woman was sent home and broke down her skin. reported that a review of hospitalizations in 2014 found that there are about four instances of “pregnancy-related necrotizing fasciitis per 100,000 pregnancies per year in the United States.”

Researchers found that about 80 percent of the necrotizing fasciitis cases occurred after birth and most required hospitalized and intensive care treatment. For more information, you can read the source link below.

Can I Sue a Hospital for Malpractice if I Suffer Injuries During My Child’s Birth?

As this case allegedly shows, negligent care can harm not only a child during the birthing process, but a mother. The failure to properly clean wounds can lead to incredibly harmful infections.  Additionally, the failure of a healthcare provider to assist with timely care in the event of an emergency can lead to further injuries.

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