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Mother Loses Limbs after Giving Birth

According to LiveScience.com, a Canadian woman developed an infection after giving birth that resulted in the amputation of her limbs. The website reported that the woman, age 33, was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis days after she gave birth to a child in Nova Scotia. The woman ended up spending seven months at the hospital after developing the infection and required multiple surgeries including the removal of her arms, legs, and a hysterectomy. The flesh-eating bacteria reportedly developed after the woman suffered a tear during childbirth that required sutures. Her family has allegedly filed a lawsuit claiming that she went to the hospital after experiencing pain in her stomach, but was sent home when doctors thought she was constipated. Her attorneys allege that this delay in care was negligent and led to further damages to the woman’s body. The bacteria allegedly took over and spread throughout her body after the woman…
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Malpractice and Liability Reform

At this time the current medical malpractice system “provides benefits to too few deserving victims of physicians’ mistakes.” The reason this is the case is because most hospitals are considered nonprofit and are protected and insulated by charitable immunity statutes. This leaves one to wonder about the fact that these same hospitals are seeing revenue in the hundreds of millions, and the fact that these large institutions are not held accountable for medical errors that could potentially cause birth injuries or other health problems. The numerous medical errors that occur such as infections, poor procedures, and inadequate training and staffing lead to astronomical numbers of errors. The institute of Medicine has reported that 98,000 people die each year from medical errors. The legal process plays a valuable role in improving the quality of health care provided by physicians and hospitals by exposing the errors that are made, and allowing medical…
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