Is Birth Trauma the Reason My Child Is Not Developing Properly?

Our Birth Trauma Attorneys Can Help Determine If Your Child Suffered Trauma at Birth

In this video, cerebral palsy lawyer Richard Dodd wants you to know that if your child suffered a traumatic birth and is now showing signs of development issues, he or she may be the victim of birth trauma. Serious injuries sustained at birth are often the result of hospitals and medical professionals acting negligently. Contact our birth trauma lawyers to schedule a free consultation to discuss if injuries sustained at birth may be affecting your child.

Video Transcription

My name’s Richard Dodd. I’m an attorney. I’ve been practicing law for over 30 years. Maybe you’re looking at this video because your child is not developing quite like you think they should. Maybe their eyesight is not following your hand. Maybe they’re not up walking when they should. Maybe you had a difficult delivery. At Cappolino, Dodd and Krebs, my partner Ryan Krebs is a medical doctor and also an attorney. We’ve been doing litigation regarding birth trauma for many years. We know what to look for. We can look at your medical records and figure out whether or not there is an opportunity to hold those responsible accountable. Give us a call at 1-800-460-0606. Click on the website and check us out. Give us a call now. We can help.