Overview of Our Birth Injury Lawyers

Our Cerebral Palsy Attorney Introduces Our Birth Trauma Law Firm

In this video, cerebral palsy lawyer Richard Dodd introduces himself and the other partners at our birth injury law firm. If you or your child has been injured during labor and delivery, or if your child was born with cerebral palsy due to medical negligence, you need a lawyer to review your situation and offer you legal options. Our consultations are free; contact us today for more information.

Video Transcription

Hi. My name is Richard Dodd. I’m a lawyer, Cappolino, Dodd and Krebs. I’ve been practicing law for over 30 years. When I first started out I was fearless. I would take a case and go to the courthouse, get in front of a jury, tell my clients’ story and see what happened. As a result of that I have four record verdicts in Texas. I had an opportunity to work with doctors, medical doctors who are also lawyers. Dr. Richard Batson was one of my partners. Dr. Batson and I worked for many years together.

Now Ryan Krebs, who is a medical doctor, and I work together. Ryan and I have been working together since 1992, over 20 years now. Tim Cappolino, he’s a great guy, grew up in a small grocery store down in south Texas.  He and I have been together for 20 years and Tim is board certified in civil trial law and in personal injury trial law. In other words, he’s got the respect of his peers and more than that he’s got the respect of his opposition, the insurance companies and big corporations.

At Cappolino, Dodd and Krebs we’re proud of the respect that we have built up over the years, not only from our clients and our friends at home and the people we have represented but from those that we have fought in court. Yep, we have the respect of the defense council bar, we have the respect of the insurance companies and we have the respect of the corporation.