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Birth Trauma Lawyers for Parents and Children

In this video, birth trauma attorney Richard Dodd explains how his law firm handles a number of personal injury issues, including birth injury. The attorneys and staff at our birth injury law firm are dedicated and compassionate people, and they want to help you. There is no charge to meet with a qualified attorney and receive legal advice regarding your situation; contact us today.

Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Richard Dodd and I am a lawyer. I’ve been a lawyer for over 30 years. I work hard at it. I’m proud of my firm at Cappolino Dodd and Krebs. Tim Cappolino, Ryan Krebs, they are great people, great to work with. The other people that work with me are wonderful folks, and most of them have been with me for over 20 years. And there is a reason for that: they enjoy what they do. They enjoy helping people like you.

That’s why you should call us if you’ve been hurt and you need our help. At Cappolino Dodd and Krebs, we’ve handled a number of different kinds of cases. And we can help you with yours. We don’t charge to look at the facts, we don’t charge to listen to your story. And you know, sometimes stories are told to different people and they get seen in different lights. Our ability to sort out the facts and figure out, who’s responsible? That is another reason you should call us, because you’re going to like the people at Cappolino Dodd and Krebs, so give us a call.