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Our Birth Injury Attorneys Increase Your Settlements Odds

In this video, cerebral palsy lawyers Richard Dodd wants you to know that retaining the assistance of an experienced trial lawyer can significantly increase your chances of gaining a satisfactory settlement amount for your injury claim. Our birth injury lawyers understand what it takes to ensure that our clients receive the most compensation available to them under the law. Contact our cerebral palsy attorneys today for information about your legal rights.

Video Transcription

If a settlement is what you want, the odds of getting a just and fair settlement increase dramatically, because the insurance companies know that we are heading towards the courthouse. The courthouse, that’s the only thing that we can do to scare them. I mean, you can write letters, you can threaten them, you can do discovery, and until and unless your lawyer is ready to go to court and try your case, and unless that is a reality, the insurance company has no reason to settle.

So give us a call at 1-800-460-0606, and your case will be more likely to settle.