Twins Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy?

Our Birth Trauma Attorney Talks About a Case the Firm Represented

In the video below, cerebral palsy attorney Richard Dodd explains a case the law firm of Cap­polino Dodd Krebs LLP handled involving a mother and her two twin girls with cerebral palsy. Prior to enlisting the legal help of our experienced birth trauma lawyers, she had been turned away by several other attorneys. We were successful in holding the medical professionals who were at fault accountable for their careless actions. If you have been turned away by other law firms, schedule a free consultation with us to learn about your ability to pursue compensation from those responsible for your child’s birth injuries.

Video Transcription

Over the years, Cappolino, Dodd and Krebs has had an opportunity to represent many people. We’ve been blessed with an opportunity to represent people who had gone to other attorneys. One case comes to mind where a lady who had two children, twins, both with cerebral palsy, had gone to ten other attorneys and they had all turned her down. When she came to us, because of our experience and our medical and legal knowledge, we were able to put together a successful case. We were able to make the doctor and the hospital accountable. Today her children are living a better life because they have the kind of physical therapy and the kind of medical products that will benefit them in their life. I appreciate the opportunity to have represented those children and to operate through the legal quagmire that our system produces.