Why Are You Licensed in So Many Other States?

Our Cerebral Palsy Attorney Discusses the Benefits

In this video, birth trauma lawyer Richard Dodd talks about how retaining an attorney who is able to choose where to file your case from a number of different jurisdictions may result in the most satisfactory resolution. The birth trauma attorneys of Cappolino, Dodd & Krebs will take the time to determine the best jurisdiction in which to file and litigate your birth injury lawsuit. Contact us today for more information.

Video Transcription

One of the reasons that I’m licensed in many different jurisdictions … say New York, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Texas of course … is because I’ve learned over the years that filing lawsuits in different jurisdictions can be very beneficial for my clients. More importantly, I have learned that I can associate with other members of my profession and help you. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed to get help. In fact, I think attorneys who are ashamed or embarrassed to get help should be ashamed and embarrassed because if we can go to California and file your lawsuit, that’s what we need to do.

Say, for instance, your husband who has mesothelioma was in the Navy. You might think, well, his whole life he spent working at Port Lavaca making aluminum for Alcoa. But you may have forgotten about his stint in the Navy where he worked on ships over in California or in Virginia. Let me tell you, the way things are in Texas, Virginia or California is the place you ought to be. Give us a call, 1-800-460-0606 and we can talk about the best place to litigate your case. We can visit about who we might want to get to associate. These things you don’t know. These things your divorce lawyer or your real estate lawyer, he probably doesn’t know either. Give us a call or click on the website. Check us out.