Birth Trauma Attorney Discusses the Prevalence of Autism Today

Our birth injury lawyer explains how autism is more prevalent today than in the recent past, which may point to environmental causes of the disorder, including birth trauma.

Video Transcription

You know about 10 years ago autism was not that prevalent. It was probably more prevalent than it should be with about one out of 180 births being diagnosed autistic. Today it’s one out of every 80, and in some studies it’s even said to be one out of 66. So, I don’t really think, and I don’t think the studies veer out that this increase is purely because the diagnosing has gotten better. In fact some of the things that we’re studying here with regard to paternal twins with autism would indicate otherwise.

It would indicate that there was indeed an environmental factor. We already know that Mercury, and some of the heavy metals effect our nervous system. Anything that does attach to our nerve system will cause brain injury. In the situation of Terbutaline that is given pre-term, in other words tocolytic to slow the birthing process. It is given at a time when the nervous system is particularly subject to being injured in the fetus.

So if your fetus was subjected to Terbutaline what happened was that the nervous system and the brain all became very excited. We believe that there is a link between this excitement, and then the process of autism. This is shown through study after study, and also through Autopsy of people who had been diagnosed with autism that this autism spectrum disorder begins to develop in the late stages of pregnancy; just about the time Terbutaline would have been administered. So, give us a call, let us look at your records, and we’ll try to figure it out. Go on a journey with us and see if there is a possibility or a probability that Terbutaline had anything to do with your children being diagnosed with autism.