Video on Cerebral Palsy Treatment Options

Ryan Krebs, a cerebral palsy attorney with the law firm of Cappolino Dodd Krebs LLP discusses the treatment options a family has in dealing with birth trauma like cerebral palsy. Most cerebral palsy patients suffer from this disorder with limited treatment options. While some patients see improvement in movement and coordination through physical therapy, others have traveled to other countries to receive stem cell treatment.

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Video Transcription

Cerebral Palsy, by definition, means it’s a fixed, unchanging condition of the brain. In other words, the brain has had a lack of oxygen and-or blood flow, has been injured and the process is over and done with.

However, the brain can adapt. Other parts of the brain can take over.

[There is] a treatment called hypothermia. They essentially cool the brain down. They can minimize the amount of damage done to the brain in a newborn, if it’s diagnosed within the first six hours and this is why it’s important that that diagnosis be made early and that the baby be in a center where this type of treatment is available. Not all centers have this, it might be considered experimental but many large centers, teaching centers in particular have hypothermia [treatment] available.

If that’s not done for the child then it’s mainly a matter of treating seizures, giving physical therapy for movement problems, speech therapy for speech disorders and sometimes vocational therapy for helping the child acquire skills that age-mate children would have.

Those are basically the treatment options.

Ryan Krebs