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Can I File a Shoulder Dystocia Lawsuit?

Posted on December 3, 2014 by Cappolino Dodd Krebs LLP

According to the Alton Telegraph, an Illinois jury awarded a family $1 million after a doctor was accused of injuring a child during a botched delivery attempt. The news source reported that Jamie Rae, of Staunton, filed a lawsuit on behalf of her daughter, Bailei Rae, who was born March 1, 2011, with a weak, motionless arm. The child reportedly suffered nerve root damage because she was born naturally, rather than through a Cesarean section delivery. According to the Telegraph, the baby weighed 9 pounds, 2 ounces, which is larger than normal and should have warranted a surgical delivery—the child’s shoulder became stuck during delivery, which should not have occurred during a surgical procedure. The jury awarded damages for disfigurement, disability, pain and suffering and past medical expenses and $516,000 for future medical treatment for a total of $1 million, according to the Telegraph. Why Should I Speak to an…
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Cerebral Palsy: Georgia Family Awarded $8.45 Million After Birth Complications

Posted on November 26, 2014 by Cappolino Dodd Krebs LLP

According to, a Georgia jury awarded the family of an injured child $8.45 million recently after hospital workers failed to call an obstetrician and emergency resuscitation team following its delayed birth. The child now reportedly suffers from severe brain injuries including cerebral palsy. The website reported that Jakob Medley was born in Gainesville on November 16, 2008. His umbilical cord was allegedly wrapped around his neck three times, restricting his oxygen and reducing his fetal heart rate; however, hospital staff reportedly failed to notify its resuscitation team promptly about the issues. After his mother’s water broke, a fetal monitor allegedly showed Jakob was experiencing insufficient blood flow. Two midwives who were working his delivery allegedly attempted intrauterine resuscitation, but failed to contact the on-call obstetrician for advice or to perform a cesarean section. The jury reportedly found Northeast Georgia Medical Center negligent in adhering to standards of care while…
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Brain Injury: Kentucky Family Awarded $18 Million Following Botched Delivery

Posted on November 19, 2014 by Cappolino Dodd Krebs LLP

Did your child suffer a terrible brain injury during his or her birth? If so, you need to hold your medical care provider liable. A jury has awarded the family of a child who suffered a brain injury during birth in Glasgow, Kentucky $18 million, according to the Associated Press. The news outlet reported that the jury reached its decision on November 25, finding that T.J. Samson Community Hospital was responsible for medical negligence in the botched delivery of Tristan Hamilton. Hamilton’s family said that he was born with cerebral palsy and other health issues after his birth in 2007. It claimed that the drug Pitocin, which is commonly used to induce labor, was used incorrectly, according to the AP. The jurors allegedly found that the hospital did not “provide the level of care expected and that the failure was a ‘substantial cause’ of the boy’s injuries.” During trial, it…
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