Forceps and Vacuum Deliveries Lead to Higher Rates of Trauma

Posted on June 21, 2017 at 1:35pm by

A new study allegedly confirms that midpelvic forceps and midpelvic vacuum deliveries lead to higher rates of birth trauma when compared to C-section deliveries.

The news comes from the CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). To view the Science News synopsis of the study, you can click on the source link at the bottom of this page.

It is discouraging information, as according to the report, in 2014, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists encouraged the increased use of forceps and vacuums during labor to reduce the need for surgical procedures.

Of the more than 187,000 deliveries investigated in Canada from 2003-13 (including all midpelvic live or stillbirths via forceps or vacuum and cesarean delivery) between 37 and 41 weeks, more than 76,000 women had further medical interventions because of “poor uterine contractions.”

Researchers discovered that in births not involving fetal distress, “severe complications for the baby were 80 percent higher following midpelvic forceps and midpelvic vacuum compared with cesarean delivery.” They found that the birth-trauma rate was “five- to ten-fold higher in deliveries by midpelvic forceps and midpelvic vacuum compared with cesarean delivery.”

“It is important to understand that similar to cesarean deliveries, midpelvic forceps and vacuum deliveries are invasive procedures with their own risks — risks that we have now quantified and that should be communicated to women who may encounter them, especially when the risk is as high as one in five,” the lead author of the study said, according to Science Daily.

Birth Trauma Can Have Devastating Consequences

During the birthing process, your doctor has a duty to address and warn you about any potential delivery complications.

Birth trauma can lead to serious shoulder, neck and brain injuries, bruising, permanent indentations, cranial damage, and excessive blood loss or cephalohematoma. It can also lead to death.

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